About BrokerageBox™

BrokerageBox is about YOU! About Real Estate!

From independent brokerage owners and agents, to big teams, or any agent who has ever contemplated leaving the franchises behind to start off down the open road to freedom by opening your own real estate office.

BrokerageBox started as a dream. A dream where setting off on the road to indpendent brokerage ownership is as simple as you thought it was going to be.

We’ve been there. Our CEO is one of us. 4 of 6 original founders are licensed agents. We live and breathe the real estate life just like you.

Plugging away at a big box franchise, inevitably seeking out a path to independence, we set out on his own to open an independent office. With no true guidance in place we struggled with so many seemingly simple details. You don’t realize beforehand that no one’s there to hold your hand. You must source or create from scratch everything needed to operate a real estate office. Agent contracts, forms, admin processes, marketing materials, a company website, communication, accounting and more, we had to figure it all out for ourselves as we went along.

If this sounds painfully similar to your own past experiences, or like something you’d rather avoid, then BrokerageBox is your solution.

BrokerageBox is a complete online system to organzie, integrate and automate your real estate business, today! It’s a business hub that can link your favorite tools, create automated marketing in just seconds, post annoucements to your team, and much more!

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